We help connect people and ideas with our deep knowledge in technical abilities infused with our user first approach.


We are more than just a software company. We’re your business success partner and are committed in solving complex issues and ideas. With our expertise in creating seamless customer journeys, our technical team has been successful in delivery complete solutions with time and cost efficency.

Our Services

  • Maintenance & Development
    Time / HR / Payroll
  • Web & Business Applications
  • Mobile Development
  • Quality Assurance


Service Specialist

Quality is not a choice…it has to be a priority in professionalism! At TRS, we believe in crafting the finest solution for client’s best satisfaction. We make it possible with the fine blend of skilled knowledge, ethical concerns and professionals at service. ‘A happy client makes a happy service’ and we are determined to achieve that state in our professional journey. With the help of a dedicated team, TRS strives to make a sound impact in the field of time management.

One Team

In the long run of success, we prefer marathon runners over sprinters! The idea to walk hand in hand with ‘One’ team is the core philosophy of TRS. We make ‘team members’ than mere ‘employees’. With the assistance of dedicated teammates that excel with wide amount of experience in leadership, coaching and facilitation, we weave best solutions for clients. The element of togetherness is integral to our teamwork.

Effective Backup Plan

The success story of business is direct; the one who fails to plan… is also the one who plans to fails! Planning is vital for success and success is something we all desire in work. TRS understanding the effective role of planning in business therefore provides perfect data backup and recovery to clients via Professional data center. The idea to enhance virtual safety against theft, virus attacks and other uncertain local disasters is the key concern of data backup.

Quality Control

At TRS, quality has no alternative; it remains right there in our ethics, priority and solutions! Our promise is to match the level of expectation raised by the entire clientage. The passion of this proactive ideology is close to the heart of each TRS employee. We are consistent. We are committed and we believe in the merits of clarity in expression! TRS is all you need for a brighter tomorrow in work.

Think Ahead

Nothing is more desirable than technology that can offer ease and comfort! We present the trend of smartness through our time and attendance software. Understanding the changing concept of time and technology is close to our concerns. TRS walks a step ahead by thinking out of the box and analyzing futuristic needs. Make the best use of technology with our time clocks, smartphone apps and web clocking IN/OUT systems.

Committed & Ethical

We believe in professionalism that is more sincere than just serious and this is possible with the merits of ethical commitment in work. TRS team members are guided with the core values related to professional code and ethics. Transparency in business endeavors creates room for creativity and proactive proficiency in work. We cherish every idea that reflects the freshness of innovation; this is all about appreciating newness in work.